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This achievement started in 2018 and today we are the only online media platform providing audiovisual broadcast services in 9 languages in the world. Thanks to multicultural diversity of Switzerland. We do understand the challenges and difficulties of migrants and Swiss natives in reaching out to each other. This is why D-TV created a nonreligious and non political media platform to help and support both parties via news, studio talkshows, street interviews, conference productions, events and festival coverages. Our ultra-modern studio is located in Köniz, Bern.

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Migrantinnen und Migranten in der Schweiz

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Integration is very crucial in Switzerland. No one can question the effort of the Swiss Government in integrating the migrants into the society by providing migrants with language courses and programs. But despite these efforts most migrants do not consume Swiss media most
especially the audio virtual media like programs of the national and regional Swiss TV stations.This unconcern is due to 2 major reasons; Lack of good knowledge of the language and the TV contents of national and regional Swiss TV stations does not represent their interests.

The migrants need to know about important national events in Switzerland, changes in laws and educational system for kids for example Lernplan 21. They have little knowledge about what is going on within their own community due to lack of effective media network. The migrants lack information on health supports benefits and for this reason could not access it.